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I am honored to introduce to you some fragments of what constitutes my knowledge and experience in the field of education and training of dogs. I was not lucky enough to invent a miraculous system of  dog training, or create a unique collar. Alas! I'm just putting forward my view on what many of you already know or have heard. But if my thoughts, as someone friendly advice, help you find the right solution, believe me, I'll be very happy. Perhaps this site is somewhat different from what you have seen and read earlier.

Firstly I deliberately emphasize truthful and maybe a few straightforward reflection of a number of questions. This will help you to better concentrate on the essence of the proposed approach. I must apologize to those whose habits, believs, and perhaps the feelings will be hurt. Everyone is entitled to their views. I respect your world. But I also want to truly help those in need.

Secondly, On this website information of practical sense, which can bring real benefits. INFORMATION! And not its appearance. "Select breed " , "Terms of choosing a puppy" , "Thinks like a dog" , "Behavior Problems" , "Veterinarians recomendetions" - this is not a complete list of chapters and articles offered for your consideration. A truly unique is the section TRAINING. You have free access to all main materials which, admittedly, a very detailed and cover a range of issues from a theoretical bases and choosing a trainer tips to the practical observations to working on commands and choice of lessons payment method, but very functional. This information is the culmination of my years of practice in Russia and the U.S.. Its effectiveness is confirmed in the course of thousands of lessons.

Third. You can get access to training "Video lessons" and other additional sections with exclusive copyrighted material. And also to participate in the correspondence, to publish their articles and photos.

Finally, in the article "Unpopular Thoughts" I openly share with you many observations and comments. This article largely reflects the spirit of the site: honest talk about everything related to dogs and their owners. I am sure you will be extremely useful and interesting to learn the truth about some of the nuances of business on the dogs. Nuances that veterinarians, breeders and dog trainers do not usually discuss with clients. But you are very important to know.

And the last.
The dog may not like we have a choise between good and bad deeds. She knows no rules of ethics and conscience. She, a child of nature, her actions certainly subject draws its instincts,  that she can not oppose. In that sense, the dog is simply have no choice.
So Dog is always right! And it comes in our relationship with her harmony and peace depends entirely on us.
Citing the dog in the house, we take responsibility for its fate. This is not lofty words! This axiom, which has no geographic or national boundaries. The dog does not matter what her master's skin color, or shape of the eyes. No matter where you live, on Park Avenue in New York, or in usual studio in Moscow. The dogs have a very vague idea about property prices, geography, or the prestige of your work. But, believe me, it's very important to feel our support and learn to live in a complex and confusing world of people.

And if you can find a little patience and kindness, then let your reward will be a grateful look of warm and naive dog eyes!


Yuriy Ilinykh


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